Priority 2




Closely related to Strategic Direction #1, Eva’s will build from its history and experience to ensure an expansion of innovative, creative, youth-led programming and solutions to systemic problems that perpetuate individual and community stressors. Making our claim to being youth centred meaningful, we will explicitly engage youth in the design, evaluation, development, and delivery of programs.

This will include exploring and experimenting based on good data and strong youth engagement in the areas of increased supported housing options and wrap around supports for youth.

“I think Eva’s offers a lot that supports the whole person. They should own the fact that they are trying to build up the whole person.”

 ~ Key Informant Interview




  • Explore an expansion of housing options available to youth through partnerships and creative solutions
  • Consider a wider geographic footprint to address the housing crisis among Black community members in the GTA


Developing an organization-wide program planning and evaluation framework

  • Maintain an evidence base and support good program planning and development that:
    • Troubles the source of “expertise” and centres youth voices
    • Tracks Inputs, outputs, and outcomes towards impact
    • Supports Eva’s system change strategies
    • Is valued by policy makers, researchers and community partners

We need to develop evaluation, [and support] innovation.

~ Internal Stakeholder Focus Group Discussion


Refocusing from “youth centred” to youth agency

  • Cultivating peer leadership and co-creation through:
    • Mentorship programs and;
    • Structured ways for youth to participate meaningfully in the life of the organization including decision-making


Developing wrap
around services

Create an explicit, coherent and evaluated set of wrap around services focused on the unique needs of Black youth, including:

  • Black immigrant and refugee programming
  • Specific and explicit Black girls and young women’s programming
  • Specific and explicit 2SLGBTQIA+ expertise and programming
  • Addressing the crises in mental health and substance use
  • Broadening our geographic reach

We need to develop evaluation, [and support] innovation.

~ Internal Stakeholder Focus Group Discussion